Articles from June 2023

California Slip and Fall Laws
2023, 28 June
In a civilized society, we have laws in place that encourage citizens to care for one another. Although the details of such laws may vary from state to state to state, the principles are the same. We’re fortunate to have a system meticulously designed to protect our rights; however, knowing how to navigate the legal […]
Why Entrepreneurs Need Business Lawyers
2023, 21 June
Why does a small business need a lawyer? A better question—why would they not? If you don’t think you need a lawyer to start a business, you’ll be searching for a California business lawyer by the time you’re done reading this article. With over 60,000 sections in the California Code of Regulations, it simply wouldn’t […]
Dos & Don’ts After a Car Accident
2023, 9 June
A little knowledge goes a long way. Surprisingly, many drivers fail to follow some of the most essential steps after a car accident. In this article, we’d like to discuss the dos and don’ts after being involved in a collision and why you should consider hiring an attorney to file a personal injury claim. Before […]
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