Whether you’re struck by a vehicle or bicycle, pedestrians are the most vulnerable victims in accidents. With a population of almost 40 million people, California has one of the highest rates of pedestrian-related accidents in the country. In Los Angeles alone, pedestrians are injured daily; victims can be hit by cars, trucks, city buses, or even shared mobility vehicles. As a comparative negligence state, California allocates liability among parties involved in an accident based on the proportion of fault. In some cases, proving the percentage of fault can be quite challenging, especially when the collision involves a pedestrian. When pedestrians are injured in a car accident, the driver's insurance company will take swift action to minimize the driver's liability. However, pedestrians are left to fend for themselves.

Pedestrian laws in California are constantly evolving, which is why you need an exceptional pedestrian accident attorney on your side. If you've been injured as a pedestrian, knowing your rights is critical in order to receive the maximum compensation you deserve. At Yepremyan Law Firm, our Los Angeles pedestrian attorneys are here to guide you through the legal landscape of your personal injury case.

Our firm works on a contingency basis for all personal injury matters. This means that we only receive compensation if and when we obtain a settlement for our clients. No Recovery, No Fee!

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