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The Freedom To Walk Act: New Jaywalking Law In California

Several new laws have been introduced in California this year—allow us to walk you through one of them. The Freedom To Walk Act, more commonly known as jaywalking, has been a topic of discussion for many years now. To understand what this new law entails, it's essential to learn about its history and why it's [...]
a man after a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys vs. Car Accident Attorneys: What You Need To Know

Motorcyclists have a different set of values than drivers; they share a mutual understanding for their love of open roads, respect other riders and drivers, and honor the biker code. Conversely, the drivers’ perception of rider culture is somewhat different and, frankly, rather flawed. They believe that motorcycles are dangerous—that riders are daredevils who risk [...]
Personal Injuries During the Holidays

Personal Injuries During the Holidays: When To Seek Legal Advice

With breathtaking scenery, warm weather, and eclectic neighborhoods, Los Angeles is the epitome of the West Coast. It sounds like heaven until you factor in some of the challenges such a city might have—an underdeveloped infrastructure being one of the biggest, perhaps. But what does this have to do with injury attorneys? Everything. No one [...]
E-bike And Scooter Accidents

Personal Injury Law: E-bike And Scooter Accidents

The micro-mobility industry has exploded in the past few years, and more people than ever are riding bicycles and scooters. However, the majority of these riders don’t own a bike, which means the chances of them knowing the laws for riders are slim. For example, the average person may not even know that a left [...]
The Perils of Social Media During a Personal Injury Case

The Perils of Social Media During a Personal Injury Case

Like most people, you probably use a mobile device when you need to search for something online. In fact, you’re probably reading this article on your smartphone right now. It’s even possible you ended up here as a result of doing a quick Google search—"top law firm Los Angeles"—merely a few seconds ago. But just [...]

Distracted Driving KILLS

In recent years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), has been raising awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. They have a clear message to motorists all over the country and its a simple one, drive safely. This means every time you sit in your car, you must be fully committed to this one […]

Bicycle Safety & Laws: Keeping You Safe

Bicycles in California have specific state laws that you must abide by which include where and how to operate your bike. Bikes actually have some of the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers. You can check out the full list of rights here (CVC 21200). Although most rules are shared between motor vehicles […]

What To Do When Your Vehicle Is A Total Loss

Being involved in a car accident can be a scary situation. It’s even scarier when you realize your car has become a total loss. A total loss is when the cost to repair the vehicle to its pre-damaged state exceeds the cost of the vehicle’s current value. For example, if your car’s fair market value […]

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: What Is It and How Can We Be Prepared

As a responsible driver, you have auto insurance to protect yourself if you are ever involved in a motor vehicle accident. If your current plan does not cover uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, you can be at financial risk should you ever be hit by someone without insurance or without adequate coverage. This may occur […]

Car Seats MUST Be Replaced After an Accident

There is a great amount of detail that goes into the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, but there is one very important detail that usually goes unmentioned. If there was a car seat in the vehicle in the time of the accident, is the car seat still safe enough to keep your child safe? […]

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