Articles from September 2023

Motorcycle Laws for Minors
2023, 27 September
Most parents who own a vehicle in California are already familiar with car seat laws even before their baby is born. A few years later, they ensure they’re up to date on all the height/weight requirements for booster seats to keep their child safe in case of an accident. But what about child passenger laws […]
Why Hire a Truck Accident Attorney
2023, 19 September
Over the past few years, our economy has experienced a major shift in how goods and services are delivered to consumers. A decrease in brick-and-mortar stores has caused an increase in online shopping, which is clearly evident in the number of big rigs and transportation vehicles we see on a daily basis. Unfortunately, an increase […]
A Brief History of Personal Injury Law
2023, 15 September
Can you imagine needing a personal injury lawyer hundreds of years ago? Or have you ever wondered how the legal system was built? The origins of personal injury law in the United States can be traced back to English common law (a body of law based on judicial decisions rather than codified statutes). Within common […]
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