Access Insurance Policy Holders Update


In light of recent news, Access Insurance has filed for bankruptcy and will be liquidating all of their assets. This leaves many people confused about what routes they must take if they currently have a claim open with Access Insurance.

The liquidation order was signed after the Texas Insurance Department determined Access Insurance to be insolvent. Access Insurance policies will be terminated at 11:59 PM on April 12th.

Pre-paid premiums will be refunded to policyholders as soon as possible. Policy holdersDO NOT need to take action to receive their refunds.


Each state has a state insurance regulator. These regulatory agencies supervise insurance companies to ensure policyholders are protected if their provider ever runs into any financial difficulties.

Each state has a guaranteed maximum that is payable to policyholders whose providers have been liquidated.

Payouts based on NOLGHA:

  • Life insurance death benefits: $300,000

  • Cash surrender/withdrawal value for life insurance: $100,000

  • Withdrawal and cash values for annuities: $100,000

  • Health insurance benefits: $100,000

Note: Prices may vary depending on state. Prices are based off California residence*


What if I have new claim I want to file with Access Insurance?

At this time, Access Insurance will not be taking new claims into their system.

Has my policy been cancelled?

Pursuant to the March 13, 2018 Liquidation Order, all policies issued by Access Insurance that were in effect shall continue to be handled only until or before:

a) The 30th day after the date of entry for the order

b) The date of expiration of the policy coverage

c) The date the insured has replaced the policy or otherwise terminated the policy

Whats should I do if my car is at a tow / police impound yard and is collecting storage charges?

You have a duty to mitigate the damages and should arrange to have it moved to a storage free location. Many body shops / repair facilities can assist with this if the vehicle will be repaired at their facility.

If I play for the repairs of my vehicle, will CIGA reimburse me?

CIGA can reimburse the vehicle owner for the reasonable cost of repairs of they don't exceed the actual cash value of the vehicle, not including storage fees.

Will CIGA replace a bounced check that I originally received from Access Insurance?

CIGA is required to investigate each claim to determine whether it qualifies as a "covered claim" and to determine the amount of such "covered claim". To the extent a "bounced check" qualifies as a "covered claim", CIGA will issue a payment.


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