Celebrating 20 years!

Yepremyan Law celebrated their 20th year anniversary on March 1st, 2018 at Eden on Brand in Glendale, California. The entire firm showed up ready to have a good time! There was awesome food and drinks being served all night. The night started out with the employees sharing stories about their experiences at the firm and how they are grateful to be working with a team lead by a man who is extremely passionate about what he does. With the mix of the older and newer generation of the firm, the atmosphere was live! Mr. Yepremyan gave a great speech about how far the team has come and how bright the future is for the firm. He spoke about the importance of keeping the team a family and continuing to help each other as we progress in our own lives. With 20 years in the books, we hope to continue providing our clients with the most professional and personable business for the next 20 years!


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