Dos & Don’ts After a Car Accident


A little knowledge goes a long way. Surprisingly, many drivers fail to follow some of the most essential steps after a car accident. In this article, we'd like to discuss the dos and don'ts after being involved in a collision and why you should consider hiring an attorney to file a personal injury claim. Before we begin, please keep in mind the following information applies to car accident laws in the state of California.


1. Call the Police

Unless there were absolutely no injuries and the damage was extremely minor, you don't have to file a police report. However, if anyone was hurt or the damages included more than a few scratches, call the police. They can help you receive medical attention immediately and provide a report that can be used when filing a personal injury claim.

2. Gather Info

Make sure you collect all the necessary information from any party involved, including contact information, driver's license, insurance information, and the vehicle's license plate number.

3. Take Photos

Before leaving the scene of the accident, make sure to take photos of all vehicles involved and their damages. Additionally, take a few photos of the surrounding area, including any debris from the collision, nearby street signs and/or any notable features including hazards.

Take Photos after a Car Accident

4. Look for Witnesses

If you see anyone nearby, even after a fender bender in a parking lot, make sure to approach them and see if they witnessed the collision. If so, kindly ask if they would be willing to provide their contact information in case either insurance company needs a statement.


1. Downplay your injuries

Don't play the hero—if you were hurt, seek medical attention immediately. And if your brother-in-law, a retired chiropractor, offers to adjust your back—kindly decline. You need everything documented properly, so keep track of all receipts and medical records.

2. Admit Fault

Never admit fault—period. Even if you think you were distracted, the other driver could be 100% at fault for the accident because of an illegal turn they made. You might not know all the rules and regulations of the road, nor do you have eyes in the back of your head. Let an attorney handle all aspects of your case.

3. Post on Social Media

This includes stories and comments too. If you're receiving treatment for your injuries but reply to friends that you're "doing okay" when they inquire about the accident, that statement may be used against you. Remember, both public and private information on social media may be admissible in court; consider taking a social media hiatus.

4. Give a Recorded Statement

Insurance companies will tell you they want to help but won't have your best interest in mind. If you're asked to give a recorded statement, hold off until you consult with an experienced attorney first.

Give a Recorded Statement

How Can Car Accident Lawyers Help?

A car accident is stressful enough already—there’s no need to deal with the aftermath all by yourself. If you were injured in an accident, consult with a trusted car accident lawyer for legal advice. Their firm can provide full support including:

filing a personal injury claim
dealing with insurance companies
processing DMV documents for your vehicle
negotiating medical liens
helping you recover any loss of wages
filing a lawsuit, if necessary

Contact a Local Personal Injury Attorney

So how can you find the best car accident attorney near you? Ask for referrals from family and friends or search online for personal injury lawyers or car accident attorneys. Once you've narrowed your list to a few you'd like to speak with, reach out to them to schedule a consultation. Consider a personal injury law firm that offers free case evaluations to help you make an informed decision when choosing a firm to work with.

Yepremyan Law Firm is an established personal injury law firm serving clients all over Southern California. We provide 24/7 support and offer free consultations. Our firm works on a contingency basis for all personal injury matters. This means we only receive compensation if and when we obtain a settlement for our clients.

If you need legal advice, book an appointment to speak with a dedicated Los Angeles car accident attorney today.

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