Motorcycle Accident Attorneys vs. Car Accident Attorneys: What You Need To Know


Motorcyclists have a different set of values than drivers; they share a mutual understanding for their love of open roads, respect other riders and drivers, and honor the biker code. Conversely, the drivers’ perception of rider culture is somewhat different and, frankly, rather flawed. They believe that motorcycles are dangerous—that riders are daredevils who risk their lives for the sheer sake of an adrenaline rush.

Everyone knows that accidents happen every day, but a motorcycle accident is quite different from a car accident and should be handled differently. Car accident attorneys are knowledgeable enough to handle every car accident case; however, when riders are injured in a motorcycle accident, the stakes are much higher. Due to the volume of drivers versus riders, car accidents are more commonplace; yet motorcycle accident injuries are far more severe. But is it a good idea to hire the best car accident attorney after a motorcycle accident? Of course, a lawyer for a car accident can represent a motorist involved in a crash, but there could be a few things they may not know. Unless a car accident law firm has a motorcycle accident attorney, there are intangible factors that should prevent riders from hiring a car accident attorney. One such factor is bias: the single most threatening and unfair opinion an insurance company or jury would have against motorcyclists. But before we fall into the abyss of such unfair beliefs, let's discuss why a rider should always consider hiring an attorney who is well versed in this particular area of law. 

motorcycle after an accident


If you live in Los Angeles, you have probably seen motorcyclists skirt around traffic, bypassing every single car during gridlock. As the first and only state in the U.S. where lane splitting is legal, it is no surprise that California has almost 800,000 registered motorcycles. But that number is small compared to 27 million—the number of licensed drivers in the state. As a result, car accident lawyers are aplenty, but a motorcycle accident law firm is what you will need if you want the proper legal representation in a court of law.

Vehicle Damages

After a crash, the chances of repairing a motorcycle, as opposed to a car, are slim to none. If you need to file a lawsuit, hire a motorcycle accident injury attorney to ensure you receive the financial compensation you deserve. 

Bodily Injuries

After a crash, riders, drivers, and passengers can sustain horrible injuries. However, the impact is reduced when the injured parties are drivers or passengers of a car and are protected by seatbelts and airbags. On the other hand, motorcycles lack all the safety measures that would prevent them or their passengers from flying off a bike. Injuries suffered by motorcyclists are exceedingly severe and traumatic.

cars and a motorcycle

To conclude, we'll return to the emotional challenge we mentioned at the beginning of this article. Motorcycle bias exists and, more often than not, can negatively impact a case. The injuries sustained after an accident are complex enough. When an insurance adjuster or a witness brought in to testify makes false accusations, the emotional distress can outweigh the legal hurdles. The unfortunate reality is that people subconsciously believe motorcyclists are reckless. But as we mentioned earlier, most riders know all the laws and respect the rules. Additionally, the level of skill required to pass a driving test is much like comparing apples to oranges. Obtaining the M1 or even M2 license is definitely not a walk in the park. It requires utter focus, extreme concentration, and a type of awareness monumentally different from what’s needed to operate a car. These detailed nuances require attorneys who understand the sensitive nature of such cases.

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